Event formats


The components of the perfect banquet are luxurious serving, exquisite decor, a wide selection of dishes and drinks (from traditional to author's ones) and the impeccable work of the team of cooks and waiters. It’s often the banquet quality that determines the way the guests will remember the event.

Organization of


No couple is alike, and every wedding should be special with a unique idea, decor, program, menu and table setting. Let us capture all your desires and dreams and turn them into reality. Your wedding will reveal the true individuality of your couple and you will remember it as the happiest moment in your life.


Костюмированная вечеринка,
прогулка по реке, танцы до утра
на теплоходе, уютный праздник в кругу родных и близких с задуванием свечей на торте – формат дня рождения может быть любым. Главное – чтобы он отражал ваши вкусы, а мы всё сделаем на высоте.


An anniversary can be a personal, family or professional holiday. But always a round date is more than just a solemn event. The anniversary is an important occasion, when there is something to remember and something to strive for. Our task is to make this event bright and memorable.

Hosts and show program



Guests will get bored and will not know what to do next without a good host at the event. A true professional can maintain the right atmosphere and improvise if necessary.


Musicians and other artists

If there’s a stage in your event, it’s important who shows up on it. Participation of Russian and foreign artists, musicians, cover bands, dance groups, illusionists, fire show masters raises the status of the event to a completely different well organized level.


Fireworks and salutes

Everyone enjoys fireworks. Salute makes the event festive. Decorative lights and multi-colored volleys in the air, fireworks in the shape of numbers, names and titles are the culmination of every celebration. We will create an individual pyrotechnic show, that nobody will be able to keep their eyes off it.

Space design Design and light


The decoration of the event will be unforgettable because of our exquisite compositions, flower arrangements, baskets and boutonnieres with exotic plants. Our florists have the most sophisticated taste as well as they know the rules of color combinations.




Most often they work at banquets and receptions, but they can also be useful at a large booth. They are familiar with the assortment of snacks and drinks and distinguished by impeccable courtesy and etiquette.

Clothing Development and Tailoring

The uniformed staff, whose total look is made according to the corporate style, creates the impression of a solid organization and cultivates its positive brand image. Carefully thought-out details make every event brighter and more respectable. Our designer will create sketches, based on your basic demands, and after their completion and approval, we will produce clothes for waiters, promoters and other employees.

Branded and
souvenir products


We will print menus, invitations, glasses, stickers, leaflets, booklets, packages, catalogs, packaging, notepads, notebooks, diaries, calendars and any other printing materials.


We will make chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, macarons, cakes, tea, coffee, water, jam, honey, sweets and any other confectionery.

on the fabric

We will apply logos on T-shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts, jumpers, sweaters, jackets, vests, aprons, blankets, towels, scarves, ties, handkerchiefs, reusable masks, packing tapes.


We brand pens, organizers, dishes, umbrellas, raincoats, power banks, flash drives, chargers, headphones, speakers, badges, lights, key rings, magnets, business card holders, thermoses.

Stage, booths, exposition and other constructions

A stage, exhibition booth, photo zone, temporary meeting room, reception - whatever areas are required at your event, each one will be impeccably functional and visually attractive.

Technical equipment

Plasma screens

We assemble screens of any size and configuration. It is thanks to them that conference participants, concert visitors or guests at a big wedding will see the main characters of the event and will be aware of everything that is happening. Also, the screens will attract attention and will not let the guests pass by your booth.

Video and photography

Important events should be remembered. Cameramen and photographers will take photos and videos of the event, process the material professionally and edit it so that you will be happy to return to it years later or use it for PR purposes.

Transport and logistics

A modern fleet, a large selection of cars and buses, as well as an extended range of additional services give you an opportunity to choose a vehicle for any purpose. Our company has a solution for every task, starting from travel, business trip and transfer ending with a service to officials, foreign delegations, sports and international events.